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Lay Ministry Teams

What are Lay Ministries?

Born out of Pope Francis’ call for Synodality and our desire to be a listening church, our lay ministry teams equip and empower parishioners to do the ministry of the Church.

Cathedral Connections

This team is focused on ways to help parishioners get connected and feel that they belong in the community.

Support for Others

This team is focused on finding ways for parishioners to support each other.

Small Groups

This team is focused on building various types of small groups within the parish community.


This team is focusing on helping parishioners get engaged in the life of the Church through participation and volunteering.

Community Outreach

This team finds opportunities for parishioners to share the love, mercy, and peace of Christ with our neighbors. We identify local needs and strive to meet those needs as we plan, volunteer, and advocate for the parish and community.

Get Involved

Fill out a volunteer form to begin using your gifts and talents for a greater purpose.

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